Whether You Need A Single Filmed Scene Or A Showreel Edit, There's An Option For You.

Custom Filmed Actors Showreel Scene

From £215 Per Person*

Want to capture one of your performances on film? Need a little extra footage for your acting reel?
*Custom filmed showreel scenes are £430, and I charge per scene so you can split the cost with a friend!
Scripts are either a monologue or duologue of around 1.5 pages in length. We can film up to two scenes in one day.
You can use your own script or I can write a custom script specifically for you, we will rehearse on the shoot day and
I will personally shoot your scene on a cinema quality camera.

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Script Service - Included With Every Scene

It can be difficult to find or write your own perfect script for your filmed showreel. Don't worry!
Maybe you have a specific role in mind or an idea for a scene that you've always wanted to do. We'll have a chat and go over your thoughts and ideas then
I'll write a personalised scene for you.

Showreel Edit


Already have your footage? I'll go the extra mile to make your acting showreel look great.
I'll re-edit scenes, tweak sound,
and enhance picture quality where needed.

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24 Hour Service - +£50

Got a last minute casting? Need a showreel edit ASAP?
If you're in a hurry, I can edit your showreel in the next 24 hours for an additional £50. Send me your footage straight over and I'll get to work.

New to the acting business? Want to get yourself one step ahead of your competitors? You need a bespoke actors' showreel from scratch.

If you don't have enough suitable footage to create a showreel from,
then I offer a number of packages for actors that require both showreel filming and editing.
I know it's a bit of a catch-22; you need a showreel to get you work but you need work to cut a showreel!
Bespoke actors showreels from scratch do away with this; you can have your reel now and start getting yourself out there!
Not only that, but you choose every character and scene you tackle,
so you can promote yourself in exactly the way you want to be seen.

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