Showreel Packages

If You Need Both Filmed Footage And An Acting Showreel, This Is The Option For You.

Need a bespoke showreel from scratch? My showreel packages are for you!

You're caught in a catch-22 situation; you need a showreel to get you work, but you need work to cut a showreel!
Bespoke actors showreels from scratch are a great solution to this problem;
you can have your reel now and start moving forward!

You are responsible for finding your props, costumes and any other required actors and we have to film in a location I have free access to.
On the shoot day, we will rehearse before every scene before going out to shoot on location.
For all of your scenes and final showreel, I will do a first draft edit and email this over for feedback.
If you would like any changes or corrections, I will do a second edit to implement them.
You can add any previous, existing footage into your final showreel, just send me links or digital files.
Finally, you receive your full scenes individually plus your edited showreel in a HD digital format, ready for upload to the internet.

Got any questions? Need more information? Check out my FAQ page.

Price list



Save £20 off
individual prices


1 Filmed Showreel Scene

1 Custom Showreel Script

Showreel Edit



Save £60 off
individual prices


3 Filmed Showreel Scenes

3 Custom Showreel Scripts

Showreel Edit

*This package must been filmed over two days.



Save £30 off
individual prices


2 Filmed Showreel Scenes

2 Custom Showreel Scripts

Showreel Edit

*This package must be filmed in one day.

Already have enough footage? Just need to film one or two scenes to finish off your reel?

If you just want to film and scene or two, you can book showreel filming individually.
And if you already have some footage, I can expertly edit your acting showreel for you!

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